Monday, March 7, 2011

My Letter from Loraine Boettner

Loraine Boettner was born on March 7, 1901 and went to be with his Lord and Savior on January 3, 1990. This is a scan or the letter I have taped in my Reformed Doctrine of Predestination hardcover 1980 edition. This serves as a constant reminder of his kindness and his servant attitude, as he was still ministering to students whenever and wherever he could. This is one book I will never be without.


  1. What a blessed testimony and what an earthly prize! I feel the green creeping up...

  2. Wow. I know that for me the letter I received from my pastor-hero last year is one of my most treasured possessions. This is so neat!

  3. That's a very special memento. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. That is awesome, my friend.

    One of my friends in Birmingham, Dr. Ed Wallen, was a member of 13th Street Baptist Church in Ashland, KY when Henry Mahan was the pastor there. Henry told Ed that Loraine Boettner was coming to preach to the church in a couple of Sundays.

    Ed thought about it for a good bit of time and finally worked up enough courage to ask Henry, "Why in the world would want a woman to come and preach in your pulpit?" Henry didn't say anything. He just smiled and walked away.

    That Sunday morning finally came and Henry Mahan made sure he introduced Ed to "That woman Henry with whom Henry filled his pulpit."

    May the LORD richly bless you always in all ways.

    By God's grace and for God's glory,

    jon cardwell

    aka jon jacob jingleheimer cardwell
    aka his name is my name to cardwell
    aka your friend and brother

  5. Jon, it must have been difficult for him growing up...kinda like a boy named Sue. When I first heard the name Loraine Boettner, I too thought he might be a she.
    Your story tickled my funny bone even though I had it surgically removed last summer.

  6. or "The Girl Names Johnny Cash." However, the Boy Named Sue did hook up eventually with the Girl Names Johnny Cash and they lived happily ever after. At least according to Martin Mull and Jane Morgan.

  7. Very cool. And I also like the reminder of the pre-computer days of the typewriter -- that personal touch that word processors and e-mails just can't offer. I think it makes you feel more connected to the writer.

  8. I love that book too. Thanks for sharing this special note.

  9. That is a great prize. I have a similar letter from Boettner, although his was written back in the 30s. If you're interested in seeing the scan of my letter, you're welcome to take a look.

    My Two Theological Treasures

    Its crazy to think he was still performing the same ministry even 50 years later. Also, it does look like he upgraded his typewriter, which is a very good thing.

  10. I'm just about finished with this book, it is indeed a blessing, and it's quite neat that you got that letter. Really neat, thanks for sharing it with us.


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