Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just for Laughs #152

Don't throw that caption away! Post it here!
(This is not a caption but a request)


  1. Let's try it again...

    F = Freed by grace, that will show those Calvinists.
    A = Atonement for all. LOL!
    C = Conditional election. Unconditional my eye.
    T = Total Depravity. Oh, they got that one already. Rats, let's try this again!

  2. What? We can only have five articles of remonstrance? Well, let's see...Let's see those Holland people react to this!

  3. George Whitfield: Dear Mr. Wesley I would must enjoy co-authoring this book with you but this title sir! Really. "The crushing defeat of Calvinism by the Wesleyan autonomous free will."

  4. "Someday, my good chap, man will develop a system, whereby he may write something down and be able to communicate that written thought to literally thousands of people at the same time."

    "Really, Smith-smythe-smith, these dreams of yours make my mind go all bloggy."

    And so it began...

  5. After 40 grueling days of creative exegesis and hundreds of desperate translation attempts, the Arminian Bible Committee of 1749 was still unable to come up with an acceptable rendering of John 6:44.

    "No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up on the last day." NASB

  6. But seriously, Wolgang. "Rock me Amadeus" sounds a trifle self-absorbed for the 18th century. Why don't you write down that tune you composed for Figaro's wedding...

  7. So Sir Phillip, what do you think of this Jonathan Edwards fellow? "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God", what absolute nonsense!

    No, he will be long forgotten in 25 years, I wager.

  8. John Piper: Rick, I have a great idea for an April fools joke. Let's get out of this Victorian garb and hold a press conference. I will tell everyone that you are doctrinal & sound...

  9. @truthinator: That is hilarious. Somehow, not that far-fetched.

  10. Keep thinking. We simply must come up for a way to explain how Columbus sailed to the new world with a copy of the 1611 KJV.


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