Friday, March 11, 2011

Family Film Festival


  1. He needs to go back to bed and not get up until the moon cycles to an orbit that doesn't cause all those "things" to happen to him. Either that or get a better agent.

  2. In 1919 Harold Lloyd was handed what he thought was a prop bomb, which he lit with his cigarette. It turned out to be real and exploded, blowing off Lloyd's right thumb and index finger, and putting him in the hospital for months. When he recovered, he went back to making movies, wearing a white glove while on screen to hide his damaged right hand. He did his stunts in this film and Feet First (1930), dangling from ledges, clocks and windows, using only eight fingers.

  3. Comics creator and historian Jim Steranko has cited the pulp hero Doc Savage as another likely source of inspiration, noting similarities between Shuster's initial art and contemporary advertisements for Doc Savage: "Initially, Superman was a variation of pulp heavyweight Doc Savage"
    Doc Savage first saw print in 1933, and was called "The Man of Bronze", was named Clark Savage, Jr. and had a Fortress of Solitude way before 1939, the year Superman came into being.

    But, Clark Kent, the mild-mannered alter ego, was based on Harold Lloyd!

  4. The background song is "Run On", and old Gospel song, performed by Moby.
    Here are the lyrics:

    Lord God Almighty let me tell the news
    my head got wet in midnight dew
    great God i been down on my bended knees
    talking to a man from galilee
    michael spoke and he sound so sweet
    i thought i heard the shuffle of angels' feet
    He put one hand upon my head
    great God Almighty let me tell you what He said


    go tell that lonesome liar
    go tell that midnight rider
    tell the gamblin', ramblin' backslider
    tell them God Almighty gonna cut 'em down


    you might run on for a long time
    run on, dunkin' and dodgin'
    run on, children, for a long time
    let me tell you God Almighty gonna cut you down

    you might throw your rock, hide your hand
    work in the dark with your fellow men
    sure as God made you rich and poor
    you're gonna reap just what you sow

    [chorus] x3

    some people go to church just to signify
    trying to make a date with a neighbor's wife
    brother let me tell you just as sure as you're born
    you better leave that woman alone


    [chorus] x8

  5. As a Doc Savage fan, I knew about his role in the creation of the Superman mythos, but I've never heard that about Harold Lloyd. Thanks for passing it along.

  6. Loved this, Eddie! Thanks for the smile.


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