Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guess Who #23

This time no picture. 
It would make this too easy.

Here are the clues so that you will at least come close.

Clue #1: He played Moses in the Ten Commandments
Clue #2: He is also in the credits of Treasure Island
Clue #3: He also produced a documentary on the Bible
Clue #4: Two of his initials are the same as Spurgeon's

...while you are waiting for the correct answer
try a delicious hot cinnamon roll!


  1. My President (NRA), Charlton Heston.

  2. Those clues seem to be too easy, I also go with Mr. Charlton Heston!

  3. ...maybe not as easy as you think.

  4. Fraser Clarke Heston, Charlton's son.(I almost said Christian Slater before I remembered that the infant Moses was played by Charlton's son.) Great Guess Who!

  5. Angus, you came through again! Congratulations ol' sandwich man!

  6. is that roll pre-blessed? if so, then i'll take two please

    pre-blessed food doesn't just cleanse your soul

    it cleans the system out right on down the line

    how so? because pre-blessed food is also pre-gested

    it contains a you-tube special ingredient from u-line that tickles the toes and tingles the spine for fast, fast, fast relief right on down the line

    heartburn, indigestion, irregularity, ibs, and the big c are ailments of the dim dark past because pre-blessed food is pre-gested and acts quicker than chinese take-out dim sum fast

    no more rhymes now, i mean it

    does anybody want...

    with pre-blessed love,
    jon jacob jingleheimer cardwell
    his name is my name too two to
    the blogger formerly known as pennsylania 6-5000

  7. Ugh! I should have took the roll! Clever trick! Or I should have looked up the credits to Treasure Island. Well done Mr. Eddings!

  8. Glad I found this after everyone else had guessed, so I don't come off looking foolish by jumping at the obvious. (I was just thinking, this is way too easy, must be a catch). Well done.

  9. The cast of the 1990 film, Treasure Island, included:
    Charlton Heston as Long John Silver
    Christian Bale as Jim Hawkins
    Oliver Reed as Billy Bones and
    Christopher Lee as Blind Pew

  10. was
    Directed by Fraser Clarke Heston
    Produced by Fraser Clarke Heston
    Written by Fraser Clarke Heston (screenplay)

  11. The answer to your riddle is Claude Henry Smoot. He starred as Moses in the Ten Commandments at Startex Freewill Baptist Church in Turkey Paw, SC. Then he was credited for returning Treasure Island to the Mayfair Public Library in Una, SC. He also recorded a documentary on the Bible for the Sigsby Moose Lodge in Sigsby, SC.

  12. Two great reasons to read CC: Trivia and breakfast food.

    Ya got me good on this one!

  13. Is this a Calvinist cinnamon roll? It's so irresistible.


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