Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just for Laughs #135

Haveth thou a caption ye reader?


  1. James Hog of CarnockDecember 15, 2010 at 6:54 AM

    Thomas Boston, wouldst thou consider being a member of Calvinistic Cartoons? Nay? Hast thou not a sense of humour? Here, eateth this cotton candy I just made. It will deliver thee from your toneless composure.

  2. "Why John, thank you for this little bouquet. But, am I correct in surmising that there is something you intend to ask me?"

    "You are indeed correct, Priscilla. Will you do me the honour of accepting as a gift a copy of the small book, Against Calvinism?"

  3. John: "Priscilla?"

    Priscilla: "Yes, John."

    John: "Please pardon my forthrightness..."

    Priscilla: "Yes, John, please, you may share your heart."

    John: "Methinks, your dress is on fire."

  4. "Ay, Mary, I hath it now:

    Thy nosegay hath a moral
    The meaning of it thus:
    Thou must believe election
    For thy will is naught but dust.
    The petals scorn the daisy's
    Which sway with indecision
    "He loves me," and "He loves me not"
    Are held in high derision
    By the Word of God, for if that be
    The case, thou must remember
    That if God sways by men's free will
    Then GOd is changing ever.
    The leaves of thy fair posies
    Bear witness of the truth:
    That the doctrine of predestination
    Is green and as vibrant--forsooth!
    I have forgotten what is the moral
    Of the pollen wich maketh me sneeze!
    Ah! 'Tis thus: thy ordained election
    Maketh for greatness of ease
    Of mind--*Hachoo! Hachoo!*--and ofttimes
    I must end my eloquent prose
    For the dastardly Socian pollen
    Is dreadfully tickling my nose!"

  5. "A poem:
    Roses are red
    violets are blue;
    If thou hasn't read Owen,
    Thou'd better so do!"

  6. Grace: You left the door open. Wouldst thou get up and go close it?

    Samuel: I left it open to signify that my heart is open to marriage.

    Grace: Well, you letteth the flies in.

  7. Oops, the second to last verse of the epic poem is supposed to be "Socinian" not "Socian".

  8. @ConstitutionGirl

    Thanks for clearing that up. I was thinking that you really meant sasquatch.

  9. Come, come now, Mr. Boyd, you don't think I would put Sasquatch in a Theological poem, now would you? :D
    By the way, how do you italicize and bolden your words?

  10. Yes, please tell us all. We need to know! It's important!

  11. @ConstitutionGirl

    "Come, come now, Mr. Boyd, you don't think I would put Sasquatch in a Theological poem, now would you? :D"

    No, but when I read comments without my glasses on, I see some strange and interesting things.

    "By the way, how do you italicize and bolden your words?"

    Use the html tags below the comment box (b for bold, i for italics), type your text, then type the tag with /b or /i to end the operation.

    The a tag is used for hyper-links, and is a bit more complicated to explain, but I once taught Mr. Eddings how to use it, and I am sure that he can explain it to you, since he is now an expert. : )

  12. Oh! Thanks/b Mr. Boyd! I was wondering about that…..

    Now I’ll publish this comment and find out if I did that right….

  13. ......guess not. How about this then:

    Testing <i

  14. Sorry about using up all your comments, Mr. Eddings. But when I tried to do the HTML tags like they are written in the box, the thing kept saying that my tags weren’t closed.

    Now does that work? I googled it to see if I could figure it out

  15. I googled it, and finally figured it out!

  16. Congratulations

    The tricky thing about explaining it in a blogger comment is that you can't actually type out the tags because the program interprets them instead of displaying them.

    Eddie, of course, knew that, and I could sense the smile on his face in his last comment. : )

  17. Well, you explained it wel enough for me to figure out! Thank you Mr.Boyd, for your help with that.
    He even got around you, Mr. Eddings.......

    Hmmmm, would this work as a demonstration?

    "Do this:


  18. Mary Scott could not believe her Puritan ears. Was young master Edwards really saying that God meant to keep the Song of Solomon in the Bible and that sex was to be enjoyed within the godly confines of marriage?

  19. As a Puritan, Mr. John Bunnyham, was overcome with guilt anytime he set eyes upon his love. When he finally worked up the courage to give her a nosegay, he was overcome with such guilt he could barely look at her for a week. She, however, got much amusement out of it and tried to get him to look at her for mischiefs sake the entire week.


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