Thursday, December 23, 2010

Classics #4


  1. Thanks for reposting these great classics, Eddie!

  2. Boy, comments are slow this week! I guess it's because everybody's busy with Xmass. :) Well, I visit often.....

  3. Ha ha, it's a new acronym for Calvinism! How about a corresponding one for Semi-Pelagianism ...

    -(R)eally not that bad
    -(I)ncluded as elect upon belief
    -(V)ery extensive atonement
    -(E)njoy salvation on demand
    -(R)eally easy to lose it

    OR this one:

    -(C)ompletely able to repent
    -(R)eally don't care about election
    -(E)veryone is ransomed
    -(E)ngage in salvation at will
    -(K)eep yourself saved or else

    OR how about this one:

    -(S)till able to respond
    -(T)otally meaningless election
    -(R)ealize your own redemption
    -(E)nact your own conversion
    -(A)lways remember you might not make it
    -(M)ake something up, it's an extra letter!

  4. Those were ggggrrrrreat!

  5. You'll find more acronyms in the archives. There is a "BANJO" treatment of the 5 points in one of Cotton Adams journals. I'm too sleepy to try to find it right now...


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