Friday, December 31, 2010

How Well Do You Know Christian History?

How well do you know Christian history...
and how well do you know Calvinistic Cartoons?

Who am I talking about?
Here are the CLUES:

My name is John
I have a brother named Charles
I am a principal figure in Christianity
Some consider my theology controversial
I am a preacher and a writer
My works are still published today
My last name has 6 letters

Only one guess per person...

This is NOT a "first person correct is the winner" contest
it is a "how well do you know your history" contest
so PLEASE everybody offer a guess. 


  1. Agreed,

    John Wesley brother of Charles Wesley, who together are credited with founding the Methodist movement. John was a friend of George Whitefield as well as his Theological rival John and George together with Johnathan Edwards are credited with igniting the Great Awakening.

    ...But I could be wrong

  2. My first thought is Wesley, too.

  3. John Calvin had an older brother Charles.

  4. Might be a trick question...

    but I can't think of any other I'll go with Wesley.

  5. Just now saw Jerry's post....

    Good observation jerry!

  6. please read the "pre-clues" and you will know who I am talking about...

  7. John Bunyan had a half brother named Charles.

  8. Both Wesley and Calvin apparantly work for each of the questions but one. Wesley would be known as a PRINCIPAL figure by fewer than Calvin. Oh, and hardly controversial. Even Calvinists are not all doctrinal Calvinists (as equivalent to Wesleyans not being all doctrinaire followers of Wesley.

    Therefore, it is Calvin, particularly with respect to CALVINISTIC Cartoons' obsession with Calvin.

  9. I am totally at a loss. But in lieu of Cotton Adams, I would wildly guess at John Adams, who had a brother named Charles……

    I know, I’m wrong. But I give up.

  10. Anonymous, I wish I knew who you were, because you nailed it like Luther and his 95. It is Calvin that I was talking about, am talking about and shall be in the future...why, I even named my blog after the guy.

  11. ...but, in reality, I'm more of a Spurgeonist.

  12. Personally, I had money on John Cougar-Mellancamp.

    Turns out I was wrong.

  13. Do you want my address so that you can send me my $7,000?

  14. Jerry, since you were the first to name John Calvin, and since you were the first to create a $7,000 cash prize from nothing, I will work a compromise with you. Go ahead and spend the $7,000 and keep the receipts. In the year 5050 when we are both in Heaven, meet me at Joshua Street and David and I will give you the $7,000, if you still want it.

  15. Um. Dollars are coin of the Realm at that point? Jerry, I smell a rat.

    Rich Kennedy (THE Anonymous for this set of comments)

  16. Calvin, a principal figure in Christianity? Learn something every day. :)

  17. What, you mean it's not

    Pope JOHN PAUL II ?

    PAUL + II is 6 characters!

    But his brother's name was Edmund, not Charles.

  18. Sorry Derek, when you wrote, "But his brother's name was Edmund, not Charles"...I thought you were talking about Calvin. You were, of course, talking about Pope John Paul George Ringo. Anyway, the link I posted will only do some good. (Romans 8:28)

  19. I enjoyed the link. Very informative. :)


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