Friday, November 21, 2008

Keepin' it Theological

Okay, peeps, this could be fun! Let's have a go at finishing this short poem (and remember to keep it Theological...I'm talking to all eleven of you out there who read this blog) :

Tulips are Red
Violets are Blue...

Here is my contribution to get things started:

Tulips are Red
Violets are Blue
Your will is as free
As a gnu in a zoo. it's your turn...


  1. Tulips are red
    Violets are blue
    Grace is free
    It's not about you

  2. Tulips are red,
    Daisies are yellow.
    Heaven is mine
    Cuz I'm a good fellow.

  3. Wow, Eddie.

    You got eleven people reading your blog? How'd you do that in just a couple weeks? I've been blogging for a year and I only have six readers.

  4. A tulip is red
    And so's a carnation
    If I don't watch out
    I'll lose my salvation.

    (I know, mine aren't theologically sound; they're satirical potshots at Arminianism. But I think they're funny anyway. Hope you don't mind.)

  5. Tulips are Red
    Violets are Blue
    In sin I was dead
    In Christ was made new.

  6. Ralph, I love your "Arminian" humor. But, I need to let you know that a few of my friends (who lack a point or two) have hired a Christian hit-man (they use pies instead of bullets)to track you down.

  7. Thanks for the "heads up," I'll be looking out for them.

    I'll try to contribute a couple more poems that are on point (or five points, for that matter) just for balance.

    Oh, and tell your friends I have bullets.

  8. A tulip is red
    And so is a rose.
    Heaven is home
    To those whom God chose.

  9. Some tulips are red
    Some tulips are blue
    But whatever the color
    The TULIP is true

  10. Tulips are red
    Violets are blue
    Some brag, "I found it!"
    I say, "He found you!"

  11. Doug...those last two should be placed in the Ogden Nash Hall of Fame. (if there was one)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. And if there isn't one, then there should be! Nash was a genius of the first order! We need a Calvinist Nash to drown out the gnashing teeth of the Open Theism crowd whenever God claims to know the future.

  14. Oops, I had to delete the last comment due to a typographical error. I'll try to get it right this time.

    Tulips are pretty
    Until they turn brown.
    If God doesn't save you,
    Then you're going down.

    (I like Doug's contributions to this string. He's the winner)

  15. Tulips are planted
    by God, not by elves;
    Daisies, however,
    Must plant themselves.

    OK, so I don't know how elves ever got in here except that it rhymed with "themselves."

  16. Tulips are tulips.
    They grow up from seeds.
    They've always been tulips,
    They never were weeds.

  17. Hey, that's cool, Ralph! It's better theology than botany, however, as tulips usually grow from bulbs rather than seeds.

    I must say, Eddie, your site is much more fun than any other I've been to!

  18. My mistake. I knew they grew from bulbs. BUT they were tulip bulbs.

    And I agree, this is a fun site.

  19. Tulips are red
    Emergents are gray
    God is subjective
    So believe what you may

  20. Tulips are red
    Arminians they choose
    If your faith isn't enough
    Your salvation you'll lose

  21. Tulips are red
    Violets are blue
    Doesn't matter at all
    Whatever is true for you!

    (Post-modern version)

  22. *Putting on my bullet-proof body suit*

    Commies are red
    Democrats are blue
    If God hadn't saved me
    Then I'd be blue, too.

  23. God's word is true.
    Rob Bell is yellow.
    The Bible's tough words
    Keep him from being mellow.

  24. Tulips are blue
    Don't feel disrepected
    You're going to Hell
    'Cos you're not elected!


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