Saturday, December 4, 2010

Behind the Scenes at Calvinistic Cartoons

This is a photo taken last week. It shows how important it is for us at Calvinistic Cartoons to test our humor before releasing it to the public. We continually try to produce only the finest cartoons possible. This is expensive, to say the least, but we feel that you deserve the very best.  


  1. The panel must be little Arminians in training because they do not seem to appreciate your sense of humor. Wow, what a tough crowd. I hope they never sit on the front row of open mic night at the Calvinistic Comedy Club...

  2. Hey Eddie,

    We need to get a complimentary copy of Against Calvinism: Kid's Version to Jenny, Tammy, and Amy...

    and see what happens!

    We may have to hang on to our hats because this "Are You Smarter than a Pre-schooler?" panel may just pull the pin on Corky Velveeta.

    Rumor has it from a, yet-to-be-released article in Kuwait Casting Calls, the Bollywood Reporter, and Beruit Backstage East that it was this triple-threat panel that sent Jeff Foxworthy back to re-re-rehab.

  3. No need to worry about pulling the pin on the Corky Velveeta Action Figure. When the ring is pulled, the figure can say ten different phrases, a few of which are:

    "Loraine may be his name, but Boettner is da man!"

    "Cotton Adams was a Calvinist!"

    and "I'm with team Spurgeon!"


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