Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blog Question

Here is a question I have never seen addressed. If you have, then please share some wisdom. 
One of the problems with blogs is that you have no idea how the blogger is doing. Surf some blogs out there and you will find many have just stopped. Bloggers have trouble with their computers, marriage, sickness, family, finances, depression etc. Sometimes they die. You don't know what happened unless you are friends with the family. 
For instance, if I were to drop dead today, my blog would continue until February 11, 2011 with two more posts on February 15 and one on March 7 (Loraine Boettner's birthday). Then there would be no more - announcement of my word of my death. That's because my wife, friends or family would not post anything - they wouldn't even think about it.
So my question is - how long do you think a blog should remain on your list if no activity is evident?
I kept one blog listed for a full year. (I actually was beginning to think they might have died) I was about to delete it from my list and they returned with a promise to blog on a daily basis.
I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Maintaining a blog on a consistent basis is hard work. I have a dear friend who started a blog and posted one entry. That was it. 
How long would you hold on to a friend's blog before deleting it?
Would YOU be offended if after a period of inactivity someone dropped you from their list and added someone who blogs weekly?
There are blogs out there that never list any other blogs whatsoever - they have it easy. (although, I often wonder why they won't do so. Sharing the spotlight and helping other blogs is part of the fun)
Any comments? I certainly hope so.



  1. I think it comes with the territory. I stopped blogging at one point back in 2007/08 or something and lots of people dropped their links to my blog. If you don't blog regularly, people don't visit your blog - that's just how it goes. I don't think we should expect anything different.

    At the same time, it depends on the person. I have some close friends who haven't blogged in ages, but are still listed in my blogroll because they are close friends of mine who I know in real life, not just through the internet.

    But no, I wouldn't be offended.

    I'm also highly selective in the blogs I link to, not because I don't like some blogs, but because I don't think people really read long long blogroll lists. I try to keep it to 8-9 blogs. For the other blogs, I show my support by becoming a follower on Google. And by commenting!

    from the Knight Blog.

  2. Two months. I already have that established. Like Shepherd, I don't maintain a long list, but the short list that I do have should offer current offerings.

    If I remove one, I hope it would not be taken personally by the (dead?) blogger. I would not expect another blogger to keep me on their list if I did not contribute on a regular or semi-regular basis.

    That's just the nature of the game and I think it makes sense.

  3. Yes, I agree with Shepherd and Paul, two months, and no offenses. If you know the blogger and you know that for different circumstances he will not be blogging for more than that, I would remove the link to his blog and add him back whenever he returns to blogland.

    Happy blogging!

  4. Good question,

    I had one listed on my blogroll that hadn't posted in four months and then started again....I think two months is a nice limit, especially if one has a lot of blogs on their blogroll. I don't mind long lists myself, I have found some really good blogs that way that I wouldn't have otherwise;)

    But I've only been in the blogging game since July, so I have much to learn I know.

    I am with Shepherd, though, that I can't possibly put all the blogs I love on my blog, but I follow many and comment.

  5. I left one in my blog roll for almost a year and sure enough the blogger came back and blogs fairly regularly. I am selective so I don't have many who don't blog regularly.

    As far as a time limit, I would probably saw 3 months and then I would remove them. I would not be offended if someone removed me if I was not blogging after 3 months.


    I notice on your bloglist that there is one person whose last post was on Tuesday, 2 November (election day.) Coincidence?

    His last post was a short one:

    1. PRAY
    2. VOTE


    Where is Ralph M. Petersen?

    On this fateful day was he "Right" or was he "Wrong"?

    What did he pray?

    Did he ever show up at his polling place?

    Did he ever show up at the ammo store?

    Did he ever return home?

    Finally, and this one causes me no small consternation: If Ralph was raptured, why am I still here?!


  7. I am more concerned about content than active time. If the blog had content I could refer to I have kept it on my "blog list" that I check. I have a daily check list, weekly and monthly list. I have one list that is just resources and by category.

  8. Hmmm. I've kept brothers on my blog roll simply because I've sort of somewhat gotten to know them, and I didn't want to miss something when they got back in the groove. Others have lingered long on the blogroll because they've been mellowing down at the bottom and I've not been attentive enough to notice. These I'll remove, though often reluctantly. Oh well.

    It is hard to be consistent, but knowing that there are people out there counting on you (in my case, 2 1/2) is good motivation to be disicplined and continue. And frankly, I need that.

  9. It depends on the purpose of the blog. Some are like informational articles. Others are set up to be more like moderated forums for debate and discussion. Many are interest-oriented. Yet others are more like personal journals.

    Very few people ever look at mine, so I just write whatever I think about when I get the chance. I'm a non-linear thinker and it helps me practice communicating my theological musings linearly.

  10. @stranger-on-my-land,
    I don't really know what happen to Ralph. Y'know he once won the "Best Blog Blabber" award for the month or March, back in April 2, 2009. He hasn't been talking as much lately. Hope he is okay.

  11. Please don't drop dead, Mr.Eddings!!!!!


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