Saturday, December 18, 2010

Name That CD

Here is the cover of the mystery CD without the title or the singer's name.
Beneath that, are the lyrics to a song from that album.
Who is the artist and what is the name of the CD?
The answer may surprise you.

Down a dangerous road, I have come to where I'm standing
With a heavy heart, and my hat clutched in my hand
Such a foolish fool, God ain't known no greater sinner
I have come in search of Jesus, hoping he will understand

I had a woman once, she was kind and she was gentle
Had a child by me, who grew up to be a man
I had a steady job, til I started into drinking
And I started making music that went with the devil's band

Oh the years flew by like a mighty rush of eagles
My dreams and plans were all scattered in the wind
It's a lonesome life, when you lose the ones you live for
If I make my peace with Jesus will they take me back again

If I give my soul, will he cleanse these clothes I'm wearin'
If I give my soul, will he put new boots on my feet
If I bow my head and beg God for his forgiveness
Will he breathe new breath inside me and give back my dignity

If I give my soul, will he stop my hands from shaking
If I give my soul, will my son love me again
If I give my soul, and she knows I really mean it
If I give my soul to Jesus will she take me back again

If I give my soul to Jesus will she take me back again


  1. I want to say Johnny Cash from "Unearthed", but it may be Billy Shaver. I'm probably wrong, the cover doesn't look familiar.

  2. Well I googled it and both those came up...I thought google was omniscient!

    (And google chrome doesn't have "google" in its dictionary!)

  3. I think it was the famous 5-piece band called The Looper Trio... or maybe it was another 5 piece band called The Gospel Four? Or maybe it was the Calvinist rock band Guns 'n TULIPs...

  4. I want to say "The Academy of St Martin in the Fields, conducted by Sir Neville Marriner, and the associated Chorus conducted by Johan Duijck."

    No. I don't think that this is their album; that is just something I've always wanted to say.

  5. I guess it's time for a few clues, so here goes:

    This person had their own TV show.

    This person had tuberculosis and was bedridden for two years.

    This person was a friend of Elvis.

  6. @ Truthinator - "Guns 'n TULIPs" - Love it!

    @ Craig - *Falls apart laughing*

  7. Is this right? Jimmie Rogers, the guy who wrote I've got the TB blues. I had to look it up but I remembered the song.

  8. No, it's not Jimmie Rogers.

    One more clue:
    This album came out in 2010.

  9. Absoltively last clue:

    He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2006.

  10. Who is the artist and what is the name of the CD?

    You have named the artist.

  11. "Praise and Blame" 2010. I won't brag; Google and Amazon won that one.


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