Monday, July 13, 2009

What's the Diff?

Dear Eddie,

I have a problem remembering what the difference is between infralapsarianism and superlapsarianism. Could you help with some memory trick. That way you could do the work and I could benefit from your labor.

Franklin D. Hackensack

Dear Frank,
The difference between infralapsarianism and superlapsarianism is that superlapsarianism has a cape.
All seriousness aside, you have made a two very common mistakes.

1. It's not SUPERlapsarianism , but SUPRAlapsarianism ...and

2. You assumed I would answer your question. (maybe some reader can dumb it down for the both of us)

Your welcome,


  1. Faster than a hungry Baptist headed to a barbecue,
    More powerful than a ripe durien,
    Able to leap 100 ESV Study Bibles in a single bound,
    It's a bird!
    It's a plane!
    It's Superlapsarian!

  2. Supralapsarianism
    1)Elect some, reprobate rest
    3)Permit Fall
    4)Provide salvation for elect
    5)Call elect to salvation

    2)Permit Fall
    3)Elect some, pass over the rest
    4)Provide salvation for elect
    5)Call elect to salvation

    So, if you are an Infralapsarianist such as myself you are correct. :|

  3. LUR&B nailed it. But you can also remember them by this memory tool, which also says something about God depending on which philosophy you follow!

    J - Join to Himself souls of elect
    E - Emanate from Himself creation
    R - Redeem the elect on the cross
    K - Kill the reprobate

    K - Kraft the universe
    I - Incarnate Christ
    N - Needle the hearts of the elect
    D - Dwell in their Hearts


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