Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Little Known Quotes from the Friends of Spiritual Giants #1

"But, Charles, if you preach a series on Jack the Ripper, you will, no doubt, double the size of the congregation!"- Deacon Dow Duncan to C.H. Spurgeon

"John, lighten up a little! Temptation happens!" - Matthew Podman to John Owen

"Okay, let's just attempt some spontaneity!"- Morgan Wick to John Calvin

"Did you see the latest episode of I Love Lucy? Why don't you send Desi your idea you told me about? You know, the one where Lucy goes through the wardrobe." - Fernwallow Tibbits to C. S. Lewis

"Who do you think would win in an arm wrestling contest…you or John MacArthur?"- Vernon Schmaltz to R. C. Sproul

"How about a bumper sticker that says 'Think Pink'? - Travis K. Larson to A. W. Pink

"I hate to tell you this pal, but, the top of your head is red as a beet!"- Crispin Bonvolio to Martin Luther

"We just thought you might like to play a little basketball after the sermon today!"- Herpondo McGeeky to Jonathan Edwards

"I promise you, one whack with this board upside your head and your eyes will straighten out!" - Thomas J. Mooshin to George Whitefield

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