Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just for Laughs! #5

Please remember to floss before writing captions or comments.
The funniest caption will get the most laughs.
And you, yes you who have never written,
go ahead and submit a line a two...
it's easy and it's fat free!


  1. So, I'm adopted am I? Well, I never like your agSNOTicism anyway! I'm buying the entire set of Matthew Henry's commentaries and a copy of My Utmost for His Highest along with a new Bible! Now stand aside, foster parents, I'm going to church!

  2. Girl: "What do you mean you chose to adopt me? I left that foster home and moved here of my own free will!"

  3. Don't even think of getting me a Larry the Cucumber Happy Meal!

  4. Ok you two. For the last time there is no such thing as being a four point Calvinist. You cannot blow off one of the points without doing violence to rest. So now we are going to start with the first point and we are going to stick with it until you fully understand it. Because, Reginald once you fully understand Total Depravity you simply have no choice but to lay hold of the other points. Duh.

  5. Okay. I'll wear this dress that Aunt Alice gave me, when she comes to visit. But the minute she leaves, this hideous rag goes straight into the dumpster.

  6. Just because biblical truth and Calvinism worked for you doesn't mean the same truth is my truth. I am the master of my own spiritual destiny.


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