Monday, July 20, 2009

Strange Facts about Christian Leaders

1. Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the Prince of Preachers, lived on nothing but milk for the first few months of his life!

2. Although most of his works printed in America seem to prove otherwise, John Calvin wrote his books, not only by hand, but in the French language!

3. George Whitefield never visited the North Pole.

4. Jonathan Edwards never said the word "Kremlin" in mixed company.

5. Charles Finney had two heads! Yes, that's right! He kept the ugly one under his coat!

6. Neither Augustine or Charles Hodge used steroids!

7. J. I. Packer has never actually walked on the moon!

8. A.W. Pink kept a day by day account of his life that he never told anyone about and has never been found!

9. D. L. Moody, caught up in his fervent evangelistic zeal, was often seen talking to vegetarians.

10. Martin Luther, once on a garlic diet, lost ten pounds and eleven friends during his "Table Talk" sessions.


  1. You should put these in a book with your "Little Known Quotes".

  2. Something I've always wondered: If A.W. Pink had founded a theological institution, would it have been called Pink Divinity School?

  3. Yes, and when he fired a staff member they got a pink slip.

  4. I found out that all of those men sweated. Cool stuff.


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