Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Truth about Robert H. Schuller

Our crack team of Calvinistic Cartoons Investigators (CCI) have uncovered the truth about Robert H. Schuller.
If this information were not true and documented we would not be sharing this with our viewers.

The following is what was discovered:

Robert Harold Schuller was never ordained, never wrote a book, never went to seminary and never started a church he called, "The Crystal Cathedral".
He has never had an "Hour of Power" TV show or worn a silly looking robe!
In fact, his parents never named him Robert - neither was his last name Schuller.
He has never even been to the United States, much less, California.
His real name is Jakobshavn Haagenborgen and he has lived in Norway for the last forty seven years!


  1. Now it is all starting to make sense.

  2. Ah-Ha!! But how do you explain Robert H. Schuller Junior

  3. The CCI has found out that there is no Robert H. Schuller Jr.
    There IS a Robert "A." Schuller and a Dr. Sheila Coleman, who claims to be Robert A.'s sister.


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