Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Letter from Richard Dawkins-Skeptic

Hi Eddie,

First, let me point out that I have a hyphenated name. "Dawkins-Skeptic", after my mother who married Ludloe T. Skeptic thirty some-odd years ago. (Fact is, every other year was odd, being numbered and all). I am not the infamous atheist. I work at Burger King.
Second, we met once in Wal-Mart in the light bulb section and you gave me your blog card.
Anyway, I am unabashedly, a fan of yours, and I, for one, and "Tea for Two", would like to know if you eat some kind of brain-food to help with your humor. If so, please let me know so I can avoid eating it.
A full-time 5-Pointer,
Richard Dawkins-Skeptic

Dear Richard,

How generous of you to admit that you are "unabashedly a fan."
The next time I run into you it will be my pleasure to give you a good bashing, once and for all.
I am a long-time dependent on unnatural foods, I naturally attribute to them my unnatural strength, unnaturally magnetic appeal and unnatural sense of humor.
I find it amusing that God predestined me to be an theist-turned atheist-turned agnostic-turned Christian/Arminian-turned Christian/Calvinist. Being a Calvinist, I actually have more freedom to enjoy the life God has granted me and humor is a big part of my being.
Thanks for writing.



  1. This poor BK counter worker tries to give you a thumbs up, even going so far as to avoid your brainy food so he won't be compelled to start a competitive Calvinist humor blog and you burn him to the ground. Dag yo!
    Unless this is the same BK worker near my house, or I missed something, what's with the beat down?

  2. It was just a play on words. He knows I was kidding...anyway, he's six foot six so I don't think it would be an even match.


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