Monday, November 25, 2013

Update on my Son - in his own words

Hellooo friends! Just wanted you to know I'm still alive and kickin'. The tube in my lung was removed via my rib cage yesterday and I'm still pondering whether or not to show the video footage. It's definitely easier to breathe now so that's nice -- whew . We still don't know the exact cause of my DAH but a lot has been ruled out, including any sort of auto immune syndrome. The latest hypothesis is environmental exposure to something (???). I continue to be the mystery case of the year...
Quick update: I'm out of the hospital and at home with my family. Gonna get some rest now.

Hug your loved ones and cherish the moment. This is a great week (in the U.S.) to remind ourselves to be thankful for the great and small things, the people in our lives, and life itself.

I'm thankful for your love and support. It made all the difference.


My son has to change his lifestyle and slow down considerably. The doctors want him to eliminate as much stress as possible. Please continue to pray for him to recognize God's merciful hand in his life. He is giving all the accolades to medical science. We usually debate these issues but, this time I have chosen not to engage him because of his weak condition. Sometimes we just have to rely on prayer knowing that God is working behind the scenes. I am praying that God crowds into his thoughts every day and breaks down his philosophy of scientism.
Thank you CC readers for your prayers. My wife and I are packing right now for the flight home. The weather here in Dallas is freezing and the roads might be a little treacherous. Hopefully, our plane will not be delayed. We have a 12 hour waiting period in London, then on to Kuwait.

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