Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Steve Farrar has written another biblical and practical winner. I have read all of Farrar's books and this practical exposition on the first 6 chapters of the Book of Daniel does not disappoint. A good friend of mine recommended I read this book because we are both going through a tough time - much like Daniel - feeling like aliens in a foreign land, fearful or our countries direction, and having our faith tested in the fire.

Desperate times sometimes make us desperate, but the reality is that God is still on the throne and sovereign over all and uses his own people through their courage and convictions as thy take a stand for Him. Farrar writes, "In a nutshell, Daniel displayed True Courage by: Fearing God more than man; Trusting God with his future; and Realizing God's governance over all events.

Farrar develops these themes throughout the book with many excellent illustrations, examples, and applications of how genuine courage is derived from fearing, trusting, and realizing God's sovereign rule over the universe and our individual lives.

The book of Daniel is a tremendously encouraging book for our own times, and Farrar does a phenomenal job of showing its relevancy and numerous applications from its exposition of it, so that we can overcome our fears, worries, anxieties, and become strengthened because we have an all omniscient, omnipotent, and sovereign God who will give us the courage and grace we need sufficiently for each day - as he did for Daniel several thousand years ago. I highly recommend this book as one that will better equip you to be a courageous man or woman of God in these difficult days.

Review written by David P. Craig

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