Tuesday, November 12, 2013

CC is 5 Years Old Today!

Five years! In Calvinistic blog years that equals 25!! (We Calvinists multiply everything by 5) That's 33 in dog years. It seems like only yesterday (plus 5 years) that I began this daily challenge. It's been fun and rewarding. I only hope that I can continue this for another 33 dog years before my mind fizzles out. Thanks to all who have stopped by and especially those who have been regular readers. I appreciate, more than you know, those who comment now and then. Before you go, sit down and have a piece of cake.

By way of congratulations, I am posting this letter I received from a CEO of a very large company:

"Congratulations on your 5 long years. Your blog, Calvinistic Cartoons is hilarious, engaging and also poignant. It may just be the greatest blog I've ever seen...namely, because I never have time to look at ANY blogs. Your blog is packed with wit, humor and theological truth, as you mentioned in your email...but this is a factory that makes oatmeal. I honestly have no idea why you sent us your link. Good luck, though."

Letter from Tobias Kon-Tiki, CEO of the Quaker Oats Factory, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


  1. I very much appreciate your effort and hard work Brother!
    By the way, you know what this means don't you?
    Soli Deo Gloria

  2. Happy blog birthday to CC! Keep up the good work and God bless!

  3. EE!!!! Not only have you blessed me with ready made artwork for my own devotional blog-- but with ready made inspiration! We Calvinists, so often referred to as the Frozen Chosen, actually have the wittiest humor and the confidence to use it!

    Happy BIRTHBLOGDAY-- with 391 (X's 5= 1,955) members and an growth rate of 6.5 members each month you'll have 782 (X's 5 =3,910) members in another 10 years!

  4. Here's to many more great years. I'll be sure to stick around. :-)

  5. Happy blog-birthday, Eddie :) Parabéns!

  6. Congratulations on 5 years of CC, Eddie.
    I was going to commemorate the occasion by posting the entire text of the Canons of Dort here in the comment box, but "Blogger" wouldn't allow me to do that. So instead, here is the heading for Article 6 of the 5th Head of Doctrine:

    "God Will Not Permit His Elect to be Lost"

  7. Happy Birthday Eddie, this is a good place to visit.


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