Saturday, November 30, 2013

Somebody Help Me!

About a month ago I read how Google Plus would help my blog reach more people so I clicked on the thingamabob and kept blogging. A few days ago my "Recent Comments" widget was disabled and my comment boxes changed. I'll find my own comment giving the title of the post but, I haven't heard from some of my old CC friends in a while so I'm a little concerned. I don't feel I have the control I used to have. (A lot of this is certainly my own ignorance - I hope.)
How do things look from your side of the cyber fence?
I would love to hear from someone who is NOT on Google Plus, just to know I'm still being seen by others.
Would you be so kind to drop a line or two and let me know if there is no difficulty in commenting OUTSIDE of Google Plus?
Any suggestions would be appreciated as well. It's obvious I don't know what I'm doing most of the time but I would like to know if I made the right move. Thanks a lot.


  1. I do have a Google account (though supposedly I deleted my Google plus account some time ago), but just to make this a good test, I have just logged out of Google and selected "Anonymous" from the drop-down menu to comment. Let's see if it posts.

    Lydia M.

  2. Okay, that worked. Looks like you don't need to be logged into Google Plus to comment. Hope that is helpful, though I'm sure it would be an even better test if I didn't even have a Google account of any kind. I think logging out should make the test legit, though.



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