Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mark This Record

This is actually a fan photo from Herbie Popnecker, a long-time fan of the old Rifleman TV series. Pictured above is Johnny Crawford who played Mark McCain, Lucas McCain's only son. It's great to know he is playing Big Band Music and recording some of the songs I wrote for his band. I didn't want to mention this before, since I have been studying about humility and all. So Herbie, for uncovering this rare, present day album, I am sending you a check for $3,742.19

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  1. Review by Hector Berlioz

    The Rag Time had some mild syncopations as they were played upon Wood Box Shakers, Tik Tok Clappers, and Maracas. However, their rythmic effect upon Maestro Crawford was surprising as he started shaking and having heart palpitations especially after spying the Cigar Store Indian lurking in the corner of the Willow Brook Burlesque Hall.

    Later, the Rumba had a strange admixture of Mediterrean, Black Forest Avium, West Indian dance, and Emerging sounds that only the Crawford orchestra has been able to replicate.

    Overall, the townfolk of North Folk were very happy with their resident talent. Local notables in attendance included Sweeney the Bartender and the lovely Hattie Denton.


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