Monday, December 28, 2009

Thomas Watson Airways


  1. Sign me up, where is my ticket and my books!!

  2. Ah yes. The "good old days" when passengers got a full meal and a set of books for the price of a ticket.

    Lufthansa used to serve sauerbraten along with your choice of either a copy of Luther's Bondage of the Will, or his Commentary on Galatians.

    A coach passenger on Swiss Air would get a 2-volume hard bound copy of Calvin's Institutes with their meal, while those flying first-class received an entire set of Calvin's Commentaries.

    Times sure have changed. I recently flew on Southwest Airlines, and all I got was a cassette tape of a Southwest Radio Church broadcast.

  3. The American airline "Spirit Air" only serves "A Divine Cordial" as they would rather not that their passengers be drunk on wine and having debauchery onboard but filled with the Spirit.

    The Dutch airline "Tulip Air" only serves "The Doctrine of Repentance" as they only serve five terminals.

    The Chinese airline "Joy Air" serves "The Happiness of Drawing Near to God" and "The Beatitudes" in consideration of their much longer trans-oceanic flights.


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