Saturday, December 26, 2009

Walking Witness


  1. If only they had not invented the t-shirt press. Those messages on shirts really drove the "sole savers" out of business.

  2. Put me down for a diagram of the end times on a pair of beach sandals.

  3. The imprint of the word "REPENT" (as in the picture) might not be easily recognized in a footprint, as it would be reversed.

    The imprint of an End Times diagram, on the other hand, would probably be no more difficult to figure out in a (reversed) footprint than in a Power-Point presentation.

  4. After much sole searching, I would have to admit that footprints with diagrams of the end times would make just as much sense reversed!

    Those who were "In the Know" would understand these secretly coded messages "Left Behind" by those who had walked before them!

    They could say, "What the Hey (in French, "Quoi La Haye"), there's the sign of the AntiChrist!" or maybe Noah?


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