Friday, December 18, 2009

List Your Calvinistic Blog Here!

Okay. all you bloggers who love the Doctrines of Grace...give a little info and supply a link to your blog. You have to be a Calvinist to do this. And you have to have your own blog. (it was predestined for you my friends) (sorry, my Arminian buddies, after all, this is a Calvinistic blog y'know)  I want to give you the opportunity to advertise your site here at Calvinistic Cartoons. Share the wealth of information and grace, so to speak. Don't be shy. This is meant to add more viewers and followers to your blog. (I know there must be more Calvinists out there somewhere...)



    Reformed Voices features quotes, videos, book giveaways, and the occasional Eddie Eddings cartoon.

    I started it up a couple years back when I first came to embrace Reformed Theology to share some of what I was reading and learning. Through the blog and the YouTube channel I have made a lot of great friendships and hopefully others have learned from the material.

  2. Hi, recently came across your blog - great to see that some Calvinists have a sense of humour. Most of us have had a humour-ectomy!

    My blog comes from a neo-calvinist position (despite the title!): an accidental blog

    Pro Rege,


  3. I come on your site everyday and usually leave with a smile...Thank You

    my desire is to spread the Word of God, the doctrines of grace to my area of influence and may God get all the glory... Romans 11:33-36

  4. my family blog:

    and my church's (which is Calvinist):

  5. This blog is one of my personal favorites. Keep the posts coming!

    My blog focuses on bible, theology, the church, and the Christian life. Since Calvinism is biblical, I discuss it quite a bit as well. I came to the doctrines of grace about 5 years ago and thank God for these beautiful truths.

  6. My blog is The Everyday Christian and can be found at

    I posted on religion and politics mostly.

  7. Gospel Driven Disciples was a biblical alternative to the "Purpose Driven Church" It is a very amaturish attempt at sharing, teaching, preaching, rebuking, correcting, encouraging and edification by a Pastor with a heart for God's people. Thank you for Calvinistic Cartoons. I always am blessed when I come here.


    My blog is called "Four* Pointer" but I actually became a "Five Pointer" months after I started. (Hence the *asterisk. It took me a while to understand "Irresistable Grace"). I had been using the name for so long I just kept it.

    Anyhow, I focus in expositing the word, and in exposing the wolves that try and creep in amongthe flock (Romans 16:17-18; Jude 3).

  9. Please see classified ad for help wanted at

  10. Theology, politics, humor...nothing is off-limits for The Contemporary Calvinist.

  11. I have no blog but here is my website...


    Beacon Of Truth is a Calvinistic blog from the nation of India..

    Beacon Of Truth has only one motivation and that is : God. We find our greatest passion and zeal in the person of God. His perfection draws us to worship Him and obey Him. His worthiness in worship causes us to have this insatiable desire to see Him and Him alone glorified in His creation. We recognise that for this great goal of God to see His Name glorified, He has ordained only one way – the regeneration of fallen, idolatrous men into worshippers, through the preaching of gospel truth and the sovereign working of the Holy Spirit. We also recognise that biblical truth should be continuously and accurately proclaimed for the new born saint to press on to perfection in his worship of God. Hence we labour in preaching the gospel and all the truth of God in purity and in all its fullness.

  13. My blog's name is Stranger in a Strange Land

    Most recently, I have been posting selections related to Advent from the Book of Common Prayer (1907 edition) of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America.

    My main focus is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I found Calvinistic Cartoons last July by way of a link from Pyromaniacs. My favorite kinds of humor are spoofs and parody. The articles here that make me lol the most are from The Journal of Cotton Adams.

  14. @Four* Pointer

    Thanks for the explanation. I had assumed that "Four Pointer" was indicating that you were a Lutheran. ; )

  15. My blog is Tried With Fire, which contains musings on life, theology, books, humor, etc.

  16. Killer Robot Ninja

    Just a newly reformed and restless dude, trying to do his small part in the ongoing reformation. Trying to explain grace to a sleeping Church.

  17. My blog is an eclectic mix of politics, Christianity, culture, and rhinoceroses as they interest me. And what I think about them is influenced by my conservative, fundamentalist, and Calvinistic Christian world-view. This blog is an expression of my ideas and opinions that derive from that world-view. It is intentionally provocative, probably annoying, and often wrapped in satirical and sometimes sarcastic wit.

  18. InFocus

  19. Commandments and Judgment Ministries, postings on theology, against Oneness Pentecostalism and Pentecostalism in general, and some thoughts from the bottom of the BBQ plate.

    Started up in February and has been continuing since.

  20. Hi Eddie,

    You've had me on for a while, and I sure appreciate it. I'm letting you know that my address has just changed:

    I'll be occasionally accepting original guest submissions if you're interested. I'd love to have something from you, brother.

  21. "Thoughts on Apologetics and Theology"

    I deal with theological and apologetic topics as well as the social and political impact of religious beliefs.

  22. I have taken on the task of critiquing the Emergent Conversation from a Reformed worldview. This scary movement has all the makings of the Revelation 17: 1-5 Church!

    My "Post-Emergence" blog is at

  23. Routinely visit this site.

    I think I'm the only Calvinistic Anglican in the house here, but in blogdom.

    Count me with Cranmer, Latimer, Ridley, Hooper, Philpott, Coverdale, Tyndale, Bradford, Parker, Grindal, Parker, Whitgift (check out his predestinarian Lambeth Articles, 1595, which toasted Elizabeth 1), James Ussher and others.

    Add John Newton, Charles Simeon, Augustus Toplady, George Whitfield, Henry Venn, and J.C. Ryle.

    All Calvinists with the old Anglican Book of Common Prayer.

    I'm a disliked man...and this lot was chosen for me. I endure the slings and arrows from all quarters. OK, fellas, take it easy on a Calvinistic Anglican. We an extremely rare breed.

    We're about eight months old.

    The blog is:

    Cheers from a forlorn tract of geography, Camp Lejeune, NC, and regards,
    D. Philip Veitch

    PS...and love the humour of Calvinistic Cartoons.

    Now, as Rev. Davies, a staunch Presbyterian divine, said: "I shall now retire to my books to relieve me of the tedium of dreary mortals." Not quite that dark in outlook, because of sovereign grace.


    An OPC minister who has been blogging for over five years. Much contemporary focused issues (esp. church) and original research. If you like 'em, pass 'em on.

    thanks Calvinist Cartoons!

  25. Post Emergence: Emerging Fables in the Light of Truth (II Timothy 4:4)


    "We all love to read anything that may give us an edge with the Lord. However, we never want to upset our “Old Man” so we typically avoid the “Thou shalt not…” sections of His Word. Therefore, is it any wonder that many so-called Post-Modern Evangelicals have not seemingly read the First Commandment, "You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3)?

  26. Repost here. Ahh, finding a blog title that's not taken these days is impossible so out of sheer frustration my blog became "Theology for Girls" (title is self explanatory...sort of)

    Following some humourous comments, I'm finally realizing that the guys think my blog's off limits for them. Not so, indeed, boys are very welcome at the clubhouse. We'll try not to pass on any girl cooties.

    Thanks again Eddie for all the great laughs! A merry heart does good like medicine!


  27. The Cross Church with Pastor Steve Camp in Palm City. Lots of original content.

  28. Reformed Theology Institute

    Real theology by really reformed folk!


    Bloggin' through seminary. Right now just A LOT of summaries from my study.


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