Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Check Books

This is just FYI (for your inconvenience) - These two books I wrote and illustrated are still available on line. I was paid fully for each volume so I gets no royalties. Just thought I would mention it because I say a copy on Ebay going for $39.64 which is totally ridiculous! You can find them at Barnes & Noble (no relation to Perry Noble) online for under $2.00 each and elsewhere used copies are going for less than a nickle. Really. I have two other books published by Baker Book House (Laugh & Learn and Laugh & Learn Too) which can be found floating around cyberspace somewhere. You may see these popping up in future postings in the background somewhere.
John MacArthur writes the intro to both. And, believe it or not, the More Awesome Truth has an additional intro by Paige Patterson (of the John 3:16 Conference). Even though every page is loaded with Calvinistic theology!


  1. Both books are available on Amazon. Awesome Truth ranges from $2.25 to $20.01 while a new copy of More Awesome Truth will cost from $2.94 to $55.17. Amazing the range of prices that people are trying to charge.

  2. Thanks for the info John. I will try to order one of the more expensive ones. Maybe it will be better than the others.

  3. Sounds good.

    Dr. Patterson is generally balanced. When he was the president of Criswell, I understand that he had a staff of about 50% Calvinists. And he has several at SWBTS, despite the rumors to the contrary.

  4. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Patterson and his wife, Dorothy. I had the privilege of taking a missions class with T.A. Patterson, Paige's father, many years ago. I went to Criswell and knew of a few professors who were Calvinists. The students were 50% Calvinists...and by that, I don't mean they were all partial Calvinists but, out of 100, 50 were 5-pointers. The lunch time was filled with debate.
    I haven't heard any of the tapes from the John 3:16 conference or seen any transcripts. I have just seen the titles of the sermons preached. If anyone can fill me in on more details, it would be greatly appreciated. Just a link would do...or a web address written on a bar of gold.


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