Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fan Photo from Winslow Schott

enlarge for detail

Thanks to Mr. Winslow Schott who sent us this old toy set. We here at Calvinistic Cartoons were not aware of this product that sold in toy stores in the 1954. Even Mr. Eddings had no idea this had taken place. He told us he would travel back to 1953 and visit the creator of this marvelous work.
We Googled Mr. Schott's name and have decided not to send the usual $7,000 gift. We sent cookies instead.


  1. I knew you looked familiar to me. I just couldn't place it until now.

    When I saw this pic I dug into my storage closet and found my old toys from back in the fifties and and sure enough, there you were right behind the helmet mask. Amazing.

  2. ...before I ever met Corky, he came in a toy space station!

  3. I see that the Eddie figure is poseable, but what about Corky?


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