Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Attempted and Tried

Don't just sit there - click on the pic!

This is me and Corky at the Kindle Book Fair in Moody River, Louisiana,
trying to win some Kindle books.
The number of cars you jump is the number of Kindle books you win...I got one and a half.


  1. Glad you were wearing a helmet.

    But what do you do with 1/2 a kindle?

  2. @FCC

    It is a Kindle abridgement. They skip over every other word.

  3. Who provided the cars for this event? Did any of them make it out alive?

  4. So S.S.L, if Benny Finney had an abridged Kindle his Bible on it would skip over all the bits on God's sovereignty etc. eh?

  5. F.C.C.
    Not sure if that is exactly how it works, but it makes the same amount of sense.

  6. Interesting thing is, he was actually going in reverse, and landed perfectly on hte ramp. An amazing feat! So, no, none of the cars were harmed. Another amazing feat!


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