Friday, March 23, 2012

Member (dis) Member

Throughout the life of this blog, members have joined and suddenly disappeared. I check my blog daily and I am always thrilled when someone joins CC. Yesterday I had 351 members - now it's down to 349.
I used to think someone out there was murdering Calvinists (I have posted about that elsewhere on this blog). But now, I have come to believe that Arminians, who don't know they're Arminians, join this blog wanting some humor in their lives. They don't know the difference between Calvinism and Arminianism - they just see the word "Cartoons" and jump in feet first. As they scroll down, examine the archives and read the comments, they come to the realization that they are allergic to TULIPS and quickly rip out their membership!
If you are a Calvinistic blogger - has this ever happened to you? Do you have another theory?


  1. OK - this explains a lot about why I joined. See I saw the cartoons with Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes the other day and assumed that we were talking about Calvin-isms that come from the character. As for the other thing, I just figured you had a spell checker that didn't know how to spell Armenian. Glad you didn't name it Hobbesinistic Cartoons - that is just too hard to say.

  2. Ya mean that Arminian and Armenian aren't the same thing? _

    Never mind.

  3. ...then could be...(wait for it).................murder!!!

  4. This happened to my son at school last year. His Bible teacher didn't know she was a non-Calvinist. She didn't have a clue what the debate was all about. He went for the Romans 9 grenade and she said that she couldn't believe that and that it must mean something else.

  5. ...that's called "spiritual shell shock" happens when a passage or Scripture or sometimes a single verse explodes in their face.


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