Friday, March 23, 2012

As If You Didn't Know


  1. How cruel is that? Keeping that poor little fishy on a leash. If you really love it; let it go free. If it comes back; kill it and eat it.

  2. You did remember the baggie, right?

  3. Okay, let's see if I can tie this in to this post. (*Stranger eagerly rubs his hands together*)

    Speaking of "different breed," _My wife's cousin is a runner; she will run in the London Marathon in April. Writing of last year's event, she remarked:

    "As if running 26.2 miles isn't bad enough, some people dress in the most ridiculous of outfits. (Last year I got overtaken at speed by a rhino very early on - it's not good for morale!)"

    For some reason, Ralph M. Petersen came to mind when I read that.

  4. In case anyone is interested, here is Janine's post about the run.

  5. As if'

    I would only wear black sandals with white socks -


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