Monday, March 5, 2012

Guard Your Words


  1. And you can learn how to do the same. Enrol in Living Waters Ministries' School of Biblical Evangelism. : )

  2. Ho SSL,

    Just can't wait for my Bonded Leather Evidence Bible and Quality Graduation Certificate

  3. @ SSL
    Would it be impertinant to ask whether you genuinely approve of LWM SBE or are you being ironic?
    I find myself attracted to their ethos/methods, but wonder whether I ought to be...
    What do other people think?

  4. @ Helen.

    I realy like Ray, the LW staff and others who are associated with the ministry, such as Sye Ten Bruggencate. I can't see myself standing on a soap box with an amplification system, but their written and recorded material has proven to be extremely valuable to me when sharing the Gospel with individuals. True, there are some portions that I have to disregard, but for the most part there are very good lessons in how to respond to questions and objections and how to keep the conversation "on message."

    I believe that evangelism proper, in it's purest form, is seen heard, tasted and touched in the context of the liturgy and communion of the worship service of a true church. However, I agree with R.B. Kuiper that when church members go back out "into the world" engaged in their various callings and vocations, they are "extensions" of what takes place in the sanctuary, and Living Waters provides some great resources to draw upon in that endeavour.

    Ray Comfort is pretty much silent regarding his own position regarding Calvinism-Arminianism, as he focuses on the simple law-gospel-faith & repentance message. Mark Spence, Kirk Cameron, Todd Friel, Tony Miano, Trisha Ramos are all Reformed.

    As an aside, I once heard Todd Friel, on his "Wretched" Radio program, say that he "cringes" when he hears Ray use a quote from Charles Finney.

    Helen, I tried to keep my answer to you as concise as possible.: ) Please feel free to inquire further if you wish.

    Craig B

  5. Thanks stranger, that was useful!

  6. For a shorter answer to your question, I guess I could have just told you to look at the sidebar on my blog : )

  7. Doh! yes, of course! That'll teach me not to be so cerebrally lazy and let my brain go mushy by spending too much time on lighthearted blogs.

  8. I hope no one gets mushy brains by reading Calvinistic Cartoons.

    Humor CAN make you think sometimes.

  9. Helen

    The "Doh!" is on me. I didn't even think about that when I responded to your question. I had gone mushy brained from reading Calvinistic Cartoons.

    : l


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