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  1. Ha ha! That's great! I'm gonna bookmark this site. Glad to have found it!

  2. Why is it that nobody ever talks about hyper-Arminianists? You know, the worried, handwringers who are constantly running around fretting about their status; the ones who are born again and again and again. I've known some who respond to alter calls and pray the sinner's prayer every week in church. Another guy I knew, professed to be a Christian, was a member of a Baptist church and a Catholic church and was attending Kindom Hall meetings with the Jehovah's witnesses. I asked him why? He said he wanted to make sure all his bases were covered.
    The flower of Calvinism is a TULIP. The flower of Arminianism is a Daisy (He loves me, He loves me not). One woman I know (her name is Daisy) objected. She thinks the flower of Armininism is the "Forget-me-not."

    I am a Baptist. It is incredible how many in my (Calvinistic) church are practicing Arminians. I call them "One Point Calvinists." Arminians in Baptist churches like that convenient doctrine of eternal security. At least the Pentacostals have enough sense to hold out the possibility that they might not be saved.

  3. Ah, Ralph,

    No one talks about hyper-Arminians for the same reason that there is no "radical-left" in American politics. Open Theists, who write books like "The God of the Possible" are really hyper-Arminian. We just don't call them that because we don't want to insult the Arminians-or the Open Theists.

  4. Doug,

    You're right, How insensitive of me.

  5. Hmmmm...Hyper-Arminians...maybe I could work that into a cartoon in the future...thanks!

  6. Hey Ralph, Doug...do you know of any five points for Arminianism based on the DAISY acronym? Please let me know if any exist. If not maybe we can come up with one!

  7. Don't know of one, but it would be fun to make one up. Let's work on it. Let me look up his original five points. . .

  8. Eddie,

    There are five points of Arminianism. You can find several references if you Google it. They are in contrast to the five points of Calvinism but my understanding is that they were historically listed as the Five Articles of the Remonstrants which Calvin's preaching was intended to denounce. But I'm not really knowledgeable enough of history to speak to that.

    What I think would be fun is to articulate those five points in a way that they fit the acronym, "DAISY."

  9. Here is what I have come up with so far:

    Dynamic power to choose God
    Iniquity paid for every person
    You can lose your salvation

    ...I have tried to keep each statement five words in length for uniformity. Feel free to modify or improve.

  10. Eddie,

    So, I have been thinking about this for a long time. I have a really sick, often twisted, and sometimes irreverent and sarcastic sense of humor.

    Here's what I came up with:


    The Five Points of Arminianism

    D. Dude! You mean I get to choose God?
    A. Anyone who sez “Yes” to Jesus can go to Heaven.
    I. I’m O.K; You’re O.K. cuz Jesus died for everyone.
    S. So, If I just repeat this magic prayer, I’m in!
    Y. You better make sure you keep doing good or you’re out.

    You are welcome to it if this inspires you; I would like to see it worked into a cartoon.

    If you do, maybe you could give me some credit and link readers to my blog.


  11. FANTASTIC AND FUNNY! You will see this displayed in the near future! Your take made me want to delete my lame attempt...but, I decided to take "the road of humility" and keep it posted anyway. GREAT STUFF! This may be the new standard for comparison throughout the civilized world!!

  12. "S" is especially awesome! I love the "magic prayer" bit. It so fits some evangelists that I've had to listen to.

    I'm still working on my DAISY.

  13. Hows 'bout:

    Discover God.
    Act on your discovery.
    Inspire yourself to faith.
    Supply the link between yourself and God via the sinner's prayer.
    You must maintain the link to inherit life.

  14. Doug...that is PURE GENIUS I tells ya! Do I have your permission to use it sometime in the future? (giving you full credit, of course) You have made my day!

  15. You have my permission with my blessing. Of course, if my parents read your blog I may regret it, but, my permission with my blessing anyway.

    Something incorporating the "loves me, loves me not" idea? What are you thinking of?

    Or should I just wait?

  16. uh...better wait...I have no clue right now...


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