Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tweaks, Progress and Reform

Thanks to Angus Duncan of Sacred Sandwich and his brotherly push in the right direction, my headers of both Calvinistic Cartoons and Facets of Grace have been perfected (and centered). If anyone sees an area that needs some improvement, step up and let me know about it. If you think I need to add a widget or gadget, let me know. I have also added a few new bloggers, who write frequently, to my list.

Oh yeah, about the "Eddie's Progress". I have had several letters stating that if you take away "grim" it leaves "pil". Well, that "PIL" stands for "Predestined in Love!"   


  1. I, for one, would like to see more $7000 checks issued...

  2. Good suggestion, truthinator! Money is no object for me.

  3. I second Truthinator's motion. But if money is no object for you, why stop at $7000? I could use the money to publish my book, "The Life and Work of Eddie Eddings: How Calvinistic Cartoons Changed the World". :)

  4. I like what Ink Slinger is slinging... I also like the title, "The Life & Times of Edward 'Eddie' Eddings, Changing the Religious Landscape One Arminian at a Time [Subtitled: Hey, Get on the Calvinist Train or Get Run Over By It, You Finneyite Freaks].

    But then again, my title may be too short.

    Also Eddie, since money is no object, how about awarding $7000 checks each week for the pithiest commentor(s)?

  5. I LOVE this picture of you in Christian's garb! Especially with the helmet. :)

  6. I repeat a previous comment......
    I think reading Calvinistic Quotes has rubbed off on you. ;)

    I laughed at Mr. Duncan's comment. I wouldn't object to the handing out of $7,000 checks. Now the question is when this generous philanthropist is going to show up?!

  7. @Truthinator: "Subtitled: Hey, Get on the Calvinist Train or Get Run Over By It, You Finneyite Freaks."

    Awesome! :)

  8. Don't know if it's my mac, but I can't see the top commentators widget.

    Just checked. Can't see the widget on the PC either.

  9. I haven't seen the Top 40 working in the last few days. I have seen others commenting on "the race" so I figured others were viewing it okay.
    Sometimes these things fix themselves, because the fault does not lie with our computers but with the source.
    If it ain't fixed by tomorrow, I'll delete it and reload it with all new errors.

  10. For those who can't see it, here is the top ten at 9:00a.m. P.D.T.

    1. truthinator (119)
    2. ConstitutionGirl (113)
    3. (112)
    4. Joel the Immerser (87)
    5. Gregg (65)
    6. Michael Wright (62)
    7. SamWise (61)
    8. Jansie (59)
    9. Persis (47)
    10. Jim Pemberton (42)

  11. I can't see it either, I haven't seen it all week.

    Thanks for the update though!

  12. Also, I like the Pilgrim picture. Maybe it should be changed to Pil-grin in your case. :-)

  13. @Ink Slinger: If you publish that book, let me know when it comes up for pre-order! Any chance of signed copies? :-)

  14. I demand a recount! I could not possibly be leading in a race I am not running in! I only comment when I can. I don't see how I could be in the lead. Do Democrats count the number of comments? Only a question... This reminds me of the Florida recounts in 2000 where Dems in the polls "interpreted" what the voters should have done...

    Anyway, tally-ho.

  15. Well,, sounds like truthinator needs an update.

  16. Truthinator

    You "know" that you have never run in a horse race.
    You "know" that you are sitting peacefully in front of your computor.
    You "know" that you live a mundane existence with never a surprise.

    What you don't know, but are abouit to realize, is that:
    You have just crossed over into_
    The Twilight Zone

  17. And it has 3 letters, which stands for the trinity: Pater, Isua, EL Santo Spiritu.

  18. The "new" banner looks really nice.

  19. I've just found this rousing song on Youtube & thought you might like it.
    I'm sure I spotted Eddie at 0.52....!!


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