Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Very First Web Award

The package arrived today with a note from Benny Finney:
"You won this award hands down, clown.
Your blog is a fog in the bog, you dog.
May all your new members leave in September.
Your site is a blight and a whole lot of trite!"

I want to thank all the Lilliputians for making this happen.


  1. "...Stupidicity..."

    Hahahahhahahahahah!!! Love it!

  2. This is only your first, I am sure that there are more to come.

    Like it or not!

  3. You were destined to receive this recognition...

  4. What can you say, you got da stuff it's award-winning material all the time.

  5. A note from Bruce Springsteen was also attached and it made no sense at all:

    Madmen drummers bummers indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat

    Said dethrone the dictaphone hit it in its funny bone cause that's where they expect it least

    I would say thses lyrics sound more like they were written by Mike Tyson...

    Eddie, as the New Kids on the Block would say, you've got the right stuff!

  6. J. Edgar LiposuctionApril 15, 2011 at 8:42 PM

    Hey! Wait a minute! I thought you received some other "awards" and "trophies" in the past for your blog!

  7. ........This one was!

    Good to know that CC is so well known that Arminians flock to award you their coveted prizes.

    After all, according to the athiests, Ray Comfort's Athiest Central is the 'stupidest' blog on the block, and yet they always come back for more. Ironic, isn't it......


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