Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guess Who #24

Here are a few clues:

He is a professing evangelical Christian in "Hollywood"..
He met his future wife Martel at a Bible study group in New York.
A member of Sigma Chi Fraternity.
A Graduate of Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama.
He is best known as a part of something related to A.D.


  1. Tony Hale...

    I used to be huge Arrested Development fan.

  2. Who's Tony Hale? All I know is, that's BUSTER!

  3. Never heard of him. but I don't like guessing games anyways.

  4. Tony Hale it is...that went faster than I anticipated. Maybe I shouldn't have used a photo or any clues.

  5. Gospel-driven Disciples may not like guessing games, but I do!

    What is sweeter than honey?
    and what is stronger than a lion?
    What is bigger than a breadbox?
    and what is deader than a doornail?

  6. I found this blog randomly through an A-Z blogger and his favorite blog lists. This is so interesting because I am re-watching Arrested Development right now and of course Buster is very entertaining. Do E. Christians find the type of humor in that show offensive? I wonder???

  7. Personally, I can't think of a show on primetime TV that doesn't offend somewhere along the line. I have been out of the loop since I have lived in Kuwait, so I am no expert. All I know is Tony Hale (Buster) professes to be an evangelical Christian.

    The old shows tried NOT to offend. The new ones seem to TRY to offend...especially the comedies.

    Maybe someone could list a few shows that have NO offensive content.

  8. ...and who is this A-Z blogger? I might want to send them a $7,000 I.O.U.

  9. I just recognize him as the guy from the TV Show "Chuck" :)


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