Thursday, November 25, 2010

Brings Out the Shine


  1. This one is not your usual, it focuses more on a personal attack on looks, rather than character.

  2. Sorry, bro...maybe I should have left out "frightening".

  3. I'm not too sure what happened here, Eddie.

    After you posted this ad yesterday, I rushed down to my local True Value hardware store to get some Mural-tone. I wanted to spruce up the image of Herman Melville on my living room wall. (Not my idea; it came with the house.)

    When the wall had dried this morning, the image of Melville had transformed into that of J.C. Ryle.

    Do you think I blended the Mural-tone incorrectly?

  4. I used Mural-Tone to restore what I thought was an image of Finney on my living room wall and found out it was actually an image of Rasputin. Do you have an Finney-Gloss to cover over this um... mishap?

  5. That's funny, this Mural-tone stuff must be what Mary Poppins used for that medicine that turned strawberry and lime from the same spoon! Mine came out from the original Aquinas to Augustine. Maybe the flavor of the inhabitants of the house determines who appears.
    Now for that second coat.......

    Oh! The verification word is "permen"! Perfect!
    "I sure hope the Augustine mural is permen!" {Permanent} :D

  6. Although, there are exceptions to the rule, your face reveals a lot of your character. Especially, the face we "allow to be paintned for the public to see".


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