Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TWA with AWT


  1. I remember reading consecutively through the 7 volume Tozer Pulpit. He certainly had no tolerance for "half-baked Christians." I think if one were to sit next to Tozer on a flight, he would end up either "fully baked," or else looking for a parachute.

  2. Brilliant idea! Unfortunately, I don't think he'll very chatty.

  3. Well Andy, perhaps not the REAL A.W. Tozer. But with the "magic" of Disney's Audio-Animatronics".......

  4. Tozer is one of my favorite authors to read (even if he is not, um, exactly a Calvinist), but I don't think he would be much fun to talk to. Maybe I'm judging. But really, sitting next to a dug up corpse and hoping he will chat with you is kind of creepy.

  5. TWA.......Tozer Was Arminian
    Travel With Aiden
    Trans World Arminian
    Totally Without Augustine
    The World Alone

    ....the last 2 ones meaning that he is traveling without Calvinistic books.
    But you've got to have mercy on the poor guy. His middle name was Wilson, and you can't have a horrible name like that and not have bad theology.

  6. Tozer was probably Arminian (I say that because he didn't want to be put in either camp) but, he was my favorite Arminian. He stepped on Calvinistic toes and Arminian toes. Listen to his words from "The Dwelling Place of God":

    "To square the records, however, it should be said that if the Calvinist does not rise as high, he usually stays up longer. He places more emphasis on the Holy Scriptures which never change, while his opposite number (as the newspapers say) tends to judge his spiritual condition by the state of his feelings, which change constantly. This may be the reason that so many Calvinistic churches remain orthodox for centuries, at least in doctrine, while many churches of the Arminian persuasion often go liberal in one generation."

  7. that I think about it, Tozer and Vance Havner tie for first place as my favorite Arminians.


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