Friday, November 19, 2010

Fan Photo from Bosco Tinglemeyer

 Thanks to the sharp eyes of Bosco Tinglemeyer,  we have yet another photo of Corky Velveeta. 
"I was going through my collection of Life magazines last night and discovered this cover with Corky!" 
Bosco then explained how he never knew it was Mr. Velveeta until he started reading Calvinistic Cartoons. 
"I just learned to read five weeks ago and I am reading like a monkey in can of tuna," Mr. Tinglemeyer said as he spit tobacco on his own shoe.
"I shore could use some money for my troubles!" 
Well, Bosco, how does $7,000 sound for your troubles? Sounds pretty good, huh? Well, although it sounds good, we don't have the cash on hand right now, so we are giving you a new Bubble Spray Plastic Above Ground Swimming Pool! This pool holds more than 74 gallons of water! You can relax and enjoy the summer when it gets here!


  1. sheesh, he's so small i almost didn't see him. i see your helmet in the pic too though. classic!

  2. If Eduardo traveled back in time to shake his hand before he left to travel back in time he never would have left, right?

  3. That's what I thought...but, apparently, I was wrong.


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