Friday, November 5, 2010

This is Real - No Joke

Hello, friends. And I mean that. In the years since I started this blog, I've made real friends around the world. The time has come for a hiatus. Possibly permanent. It takes an incredible amount of time to digitally restore these backgrounds. I've loved every minute! But, my life is in a state of evolving and transition, and I need to focus on that. I'm going to leave the blog online for your reference. And mine too!
Thanks for your support and encouragement over the years. Over TWO MILLION people have visited this blog. Amazing....For the moment... that's all, folks.
Thanks again for your interest! Sincerely, Rob Richards
That was posted over a month ago on one of my favorite blog sites. I never thought that the blog would come to an end like it did. So many will be saddened by its departure, so to speak. At least, everything will remain, as is, hopefully, for years and years.
Most of my backgrounds for Chic & Gumbo, I found there. My Calvinistic Cartoons banner at the top of this blog was from one of the cells on his site. If you love animation and/or cartoon art, you should visit
You will see for yourself why it was one of my references for what I do here.
For any of you who have skipped down to the last paragraph to see if this refers to Calvinistic Cartoons. Well, be sure to read the in between sentences for more information.
For now, I must bid you all ado. Because I need to spend some time in study. But, before theology, there should always be "knee-ology". That makes such a difference.


  1. Phew, I was worried there for a minute. I'm glad this blog isn't the one going on 'possibly permanent' hiatus.

  2. Color me confused and/or maybe dense. Are you going on hiatus too?

  3. Hey ya Eddie, what gives? The fellas and I were just wonderin'if you were tryn' to tell us somethin or somethin'.

  4. If it were Eddie, since his is a humor blog, I'm sure it would be a laughing hiatus.

  5. When I saw the "two million visitors", I knew it wasn't Eddie taking a hiatus.
    Eddie's blog pulls that in, in one day. Right, Eddie?

  6. Oh boy...that was a scare and a half.

    Hey Jansie, I reckon I'd rack up 2 million views a day on my own :-P

    Seriously Eddie, this is my favourite blog by far! (Facets of Grace is my second fav!)

  7. 1st reaction: NOOOOOOO!

    (Oh, I should read the post first.)

    2nd reaction: Whew!

  8. Patience, is that per day, or over a period of a few years? ;-)

    I reckon the only reason Eddie doesn't get three million views daily is cos the guys over at arminian antics are in cahoots with anonymous. :-)

  9. Man, that's just mean. Mean! I can just hear you snickering over there in the Middle East somewhere, loving every minute of it. But thankfully, the final result is that CC will go on for a long, long time; right?

  10. Jansie,

    I admit I was probably exaggerating a little bit, BUT I do pop over to this site a few times a day.

    Hahaha yeah those Arminian antics guys are sneaky...wouldn't trust them as far as I can throw them ;-)

  11. Thanks everyone for your comments. Lord willing, Calvinistic Cartoons will continue for a long time. (Relatively speaking, because we are all related, either through Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ or both.)
    I do need some prayer for my technological future. My computer died on October 27th.
    I will post an announcement.


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