Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Classics #31


  1. Something like this happened to me with a church I USED to attend. They kept sending me monthly letters on the importance of tithing with an enclosed envelope for 3 years after I stopped attending.

  2. "You're too late, Pastor. You see, I've just experienced a death-bed conversion. ___To Calvinism."

  3. Ha ha ha! I hadn't seen this before! I thought I had read all the CC archives......but you can't keep up with Mr. Eddings no matter how hard you try. :D

  4. Pastor:
    "You are about to conclude your best life now. What are you going to do next?"

  5. Well, you know...have to get to the important stuff first.

  6. Constitution Girl said...
    "... you can't keep up with Mr. Eddings no matter how hard you try. :D"

    CG, I've mentioned before that I have a very short list of commenters on this blog who, in my opinion, have set the standard of humor that I aim to match, although only on rare occasions have I even come close.

    On July 6, 2009, on Just For Laughs # 4, Pilgrim Mommy (Persis) wrote a comment about "The Bible Algebra Man" and Pharoah's chariots that was absolutely brilliant. Her next comment, in answer to Eddie's asking if the B.A.M. could calculate the speed of laughter was equally hilarious.

    Eddie's simple four word response, however, was the corker.

  7. *holds head in hands*
    I can't keep up with any of you, Mr. Boyd, and I don't even try any more. I'm more of the stand up comedian type......it's hard to jam that onto a computer screen.

  8. Believe me, Costitution Girl, your own natural style of humor does come through. You remind me of my daughter. Becky's natural wit comes out in a normal conversation, sometimes even before she realizes that she has made a funny.

    Around the house I am a habitual malaprop guy. Ex: "Deluded" for "Diluted."

  9. Pastor Loon (?Canadian?)

    Anyhoo, his church is behind the times. Monthly deduction from your checking account... makes giving easy and saves a stamp.


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