Saturday, August 20, 2011

Arminian Antics Classic #1


  1. Well, there's something that is not original about this. Is Benny Finney unable to provide his own artwork? Or is he just too lazy? Those fellows look amazingly similar to Chic & Gumbo.

    THOU SHALL NOT STEAL, Mister Finney.

  2. Typical Calvinist, were you predestined to be stupid or something?

    Read the Bible. Don't you know that Paul says that we "are not under law but under grace" (Rom 6:14) and that "All things are lawful for me" (1Cor 6:12).

    I will choose to do what I want, when I want, with what I want.

  3. and P.S. Not even God will stop me doing that.

  4. We will now evacuate this blog on cause of a lightning bolt.....

  5. @ Mr. Finney.

    I didn't mind your original post ("Stupid Calvinist"). I called you "lazy," you called me "stupid." Fair enough.

    What is curious though, is your appeal to antinomianism. This teaching is what Arminians usually try to saddle Calvinists with. In fact, it was one of the acusations made by the Remonstrants in the controversy that led to the great Synod of Dort.

    I don't believe that John Wesley or even Charles G. Finney would have looked kindly on your statements about not being under the law, let alone, know,...the LIGHTNING BOLT(?).

  6. A few years ago we were at the funeral of my great uncle who, like the rest of my extended family, belonged to a cult that has no name, and would probably not be familiar to anyone but those raised in it (or in my case the children of those raised in it), and the 'preacher' was rambling on, and made the statement:

    "In the beginning, God was lonely.....
    so He created the Holy Spirit"

    My brother whispered something along the lines of "We'd better get out of here before the lightning comes!"

  7. Brother Benny,
    I hate to admit it, but Stranger does have a point. The supposed eternal security of the "predestinated elect" no matter how much they sin is one of our best arguments against Calvinism.

    Of course, if us Arminians go over the line, we always have the choice of being born again AGAIN. Um, unless a lightning bolt strikes us before we have a chance to get ourselves re-reborn.

  8. Now if I was to be honest JH I'd acknowledge that those we refer to as the ' "predestinated elect" no matter how much they sin' are often people who put their hand up so that they wouldn't have to wait "just another minute" for the service to finish.

    But that's all it takes these days folks, no longer do you have to accept Jesus as your "Lord and Saviour" you just have to be His friend or perhaps even want to "get to know Him a little better".

    P.S. Maybe I should add a :-) to my posts in future.

    :-) Opps, no not this one, it's serious.


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