Monday, August 8, 2011

Blogs of the Week

Our own Meghan Smith has her own blog. Check it out HERE.

And for more humor and satire...Take a look at TRU.


  1. YAY, MEGHAN!!!!
    Some great posts there.

    Only 4 followers (as of this typing)?? C'mon, guys. Get with it. You don't know what you're missing : )

  2. Yay! Thanks Eddie. I know I've arrived when you're a follower. And thanks to Ralph and Stranger, they were my first followers.

    Now I gotta really watch what I say.

  3. @ Tru-thinator

    Loved the one about the "Ironic Blessing." Funny stuff.

    Hope my comments on Campus Cru weren't too strong. 2 things that get my dandruff up are when the Doctrines of Grace are said to send innocent people to hell, and a para-church "ministry" taking to itself prerogatives that God has given solely to His Church.

    Craig B

  4. Thanks, Eddie, for the exposure & thanks to Stranger for the giggles and for the great comment shedding more light on the topic.


  5. @ Truthinator

    re. "thanks to Stranger for the giggles"

    I try to aim for a guffaw or the spontaneous spewing of some beverage (preferably involving the nostrils), but I will take a giggle. ; )


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