Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Classics #27


  1. Thanks for reposting these classics, Eddie. They're just as funny the 2nd time around.

  2. Cool Eddie, but I know some Emergents who do just as much of Roamin

  3. Now, this is puzzling to me, but I'm sure that there must be an explanation. The RCC claim that they alone have maintained pure doctrine consistently since the church began. But sometimes councils have reversed themselves.

    There is also a continuous line of succession of the head of the church, Christ's representative on earth.

    Sure, there have been times that there have been two or three guys claiming to be pope, and there has even been a woman pope.

    But there must be some explanation to this that I haven't yet figgered out.


  4. ...stranger, even their name is a mixed bag of confusion...
    "Roman" is a specific location (Rome) and "Catholic" means universal.
    ...reminds me of one brother who said he believed in "Limited Atonement" for everybody!

  5. Hmmm. You would almost think it was Babylon. OOOOps! Did I say that?

  6. The original title was "Mass Confusion".


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