Friday, August 5, 2011

Classics #29


  1. How the church came to have two steeples is a story in itself.

    There were two prominent families, the Pettibones and the Norquists. Each one insisted that they be the sole sponsor of the building of the new steeple. Neither would back down, and sharing the sponsorship was out of the question. So, in the end, there were two steeples, and two plaques, one honoring each family.

    I tried in vain to investigate the reason for the "double cross" on the wall behind the pulpit. Everyone was tight-liped about that.

  2. Ah the "double cross". Well the upside down cross was left over from when the building was run by the RC's. For some strange reason the adhesive was so strong they would have had to replace the whole wall just to be rid of it. They chose to feng shui the building and paint the whole wall, including the cross,a light mauve instead.
    The Fatimah, I mean Mary, in the enclave was used by old Mrs Pettibone to hold her hat while she was cleaning the building on a Tuesday morning.

  3. I don't think I've seen this one before. :D

  4. What's funny is, CG, I remember seeing these from 2 years ago, but when I try to locate them to see what comment I made on the original, I can't find them.

    Eddie is so prolific (which is something like pro-life) that it is hard to find a particular post among the multitude of CC gems.

  5. Believe me, I've had that problem many times, Mr. Boyd. :D

  6. The explanation I got for the two steeples was given by a former Deacon Timmy Twoface. He says that they initially wanted to have the TALLEST steeple in town, but the Lutheran church up the road had taller scaffolding, so they determined to have MOST steeples in town. When they saw that the Roman Catholics not only had built the tallest, surpassing the Lutherans by some 12 feet, but also had a steeple on each corner of the building things got rather ugly. Some say that was the reason for the alleged spitting incident that led to the picture above.


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