Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pray for Jon Cardwell and his family

I took the liberty of posting this email that was sent to Jeff Peterson and myself. I didn't ask Jon if I could do this, so forgive me brother, if I have overstepped my boundaries. I want others to know a little about what you go through on a daily basis so that they will pray for you when God brings you to mind. You are one of my heroes...not because of your many talents and preaching skills, but because you live for the Lord Jesus Christ on the battlefield. You have held to your calling when others would have taken the next helicopter out of there. You have been a great encouragement to me and I mean this when I say, it is an honor to know you. If not for my blogging, I would have never "met" you. You have been a big part in my life. It was great talking to you over the phone while I was in the States. May God use this to grip readers with the ministry of intercession for you and your precious family. 

hello my dear brothers,

i know that you pray for me often. today i sent an email to one of the pastor's wives in the sovereign grace baptist fellowship that sends out a list of prayer requests for the ministers in the fellowship.  thought you might like to read it to pray with understanding on our behalf. here is the email below--

dearest sister greta,
thank you for your oft prayers for us.  we are thankful for the prayers of those in the fellowship on behalf of my family and me. i have been remiss in sending this to you because i see the serious nature of those who have greater physical ailments than those i suffer. linda webb, colleen liddle, larry's brother, and so many others. nevertheless, i also realize that those who have been sincerely praying for us might like to hear how i am doing.
although i have been able to do more visitations to our church membership and attenders, and more visitations to homes in the neighborhood surrounding our church, my muscles have had some intermittent, but excessive, fatigue, cramping, dexterity and coordination loss.  i average approximately 2 or 3 nights of sleep each week (even with the help of non-narcotic medication), usually going without sleep for 2-3 days at a time.  i have been keeping myself well hydrated with water and taking all my vitamins and meds (lisa sets out all my medication and vitamins for the week every week). although i'm a service-connected disabled veteran, changes in government medical aid have cut out my vision and dental, and they will no longer allow me any further neurology referrals. sometimes i cannot walk becuse of the weakness in my ankles and wrists cause me to fall even with the crutches. when my wrists are weak, it is actuall worse

my spirits are high and my joy unspeakable, however, as a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. my sermons, i'm told, have been more powerful than ever, and i know that during pulpit preaching and in visitations the lord has been so very gracious and merciful, providing me with a power from on high that is no less supernatural, no less than his own blessed and divine equipping and nourishment as he has promised in supplying our need.

i do covet the prayers of the saints because there is such a great opportunity for the work of the ministry; there are so many sick and infirmed in our little congregation that it has kept me much in the homes, hospitals, and on the phone in prayer for many. despite our light and momentary afflictions, it is much better to be spent for christ's kingdom than to be sitting in reserve for a physical relief that may never come. i realize that were it not for the grace of these ailments given me by god's sovereign providence, i may still have an overwhelming tendency toward pride and a propensity toward being puffed up in mine own righteousness, rather than where i should be-- trusting daily alone in christ's righteousness, being nourished with daily hope by his majesty as lord of all, and relying by faith upon his faithfulness to will and to work his good pleasure.

thank you for allowing me this opportunity to fill you in. it matters not any more that ther are still those who may criticize, and i'm thankful for that. in the past, and possibly still in the present, i have been rebuked as one full of self and pride for making any mention of mine infirmities; while at the same time i have also been rebuked for not making mention of mine infirmities as being full of pride because i have not let others know so that they may pray for me and for the saints whom christ has given me to feed and tend. for both criticisms, i answer, guilty as charged. apart from the grace of god in jesus christ, apart from his blessed blood, his sufficient sacrifice, and his precious propitiation, i have no lot at all in heaven; i am nothing but a wretch and the chiefest of sinners; and the best that all i do, until the blessed day of his coming, will never attain unto the honor by which christ's glory and majesty deserve.

please forgive my exclusive use of the lower case and sparse use of punctuation. the past cuple of days i have had some dexterity difficulties; and please forgive any typos as even if i do proofread this it is really not so easy makeing the corrections.

may the lord continue to bless you and keep you,

by god's grace and for his glory,


Sovereign Grace Baptist Church
5440 Alabama Highway 202
Anniston, Alabama 36201
(256) 689-1283


  1. I reposted. Jon can now yell at both of us.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, Brother Jon has been a huge encouragement to me over the past few years. I pray for Jon and his family often but now I will more fervently than ever...Thank you again, blessings to you.

  3. Thanks for sharing this so we know how to pray for our brother.

  4. Will be in prayer. His books, blogs, etc are a blessing to me. Appreciate his humility in all this.

  5. I also join you in praying for Brother Jon. Thanks for posting this humbling message. I regret my lack of effectiveness given the abundance of capabilites given to me by God.

  6. I have indeed been moved to intercede for Jon and his family. I have also just written him into my prayer journal as a continual reminder.

    Love you, brother Jon.

    Craig Boyd

  7. thanks, eddie. thanks everyone.

    for the first time in a couple of months i actually got 2 nights of sleep in a row, totalling almost 11 hours, which is more sleep than i've had total in the 2 wks previously.

    what a blessing you all are. if i keep getting this rest, i won't have any excuse for preaching poorly...

    except for the fact that i'm a totally depraved sinner and need his grace upon grace in all things.

    seriously, eddie... i love you, brother....

    and everyone thanks for the prayers.


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