Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just for Laughs #31

It has been said that before the coming of Armageddon, turtles in stage plays will be rampant. This is a scene from "Death of a Sales Tortoise" and I just about walked out until I remembered that I could take a photo and use it for my Just for Laughs post.
Please think of something that would make a mime laugh out loud.


  1. Hoping to draw him out of his shell, Ellen invites the reclusive Theodore over for a mixer.

  2. A young Doug Pagitt dreams big of having a church filled with art and Darwinism.

  3. Returning from a 50-year missionary trip, the aged theologian T.Otis stalked through the church that had once been flourishing under his pastorate. Now he was getting crosser and crosser-he couldn't recognize the place. And what was this whole thing about a "mix your own communion" menu???? And WHAT on EARTH was an 'emergent baptism'???

  4. There must have been some magic in the old bowler hat they found. For when they put it on his head that old turtle statue began to dance around.


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