Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just for Laughs #30

Picture yourself in the Calvinistic Cartoonist Art Museum. You come across this painting that has a sign underneath that says "WRITE IN YOUR CAPTION AND RECEIVE ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! I AM NOT KIDDING! I REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME!" Of course, that's just all in your imagination. There isn't even a CC Art Museum! But there is a wordless painting and your looking at it. And it is crying for some clever caption.


  1. What Jacob wanted: One wife and a simple life.

    What Jacob got: A harem and a zoo.

  2. Joseph: Mom! Tell Benjamin to stop pinching me!
    Benjamin: But, Mom! You said I could sit on the front of the camel!

  3. Untitled picture!
    "holy cow, we're lost again!"

  4. Pack the kids we're going to Vegas!

  5. Moses often found himself daydreaming about something he didn't quite understand called a mini van.


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