Saturday, September 26, 2009

Daughter Update

I will post any updates on my daughter, Tammy Osborn, here. We are awaiting results to see if the cancer is continuing to spread. Please take a few seconds to send up a prayer for her. If you met her you would never forget her. She is facing her giants with the faith of a true saint of God. I am trying to call in an "air strike" of prayer by asking those who read this to mention her in your prayers. Inside, we can all "Stop, drop and pray!" God's rich blessings on all who do.


  1. Thought this site might be a benefit

    "God's Words of Comfort & healing"

    Peace an blessings for you and your daughter.


    F.orsaking A.ll I T.rust

  2. Thank you, I will make sure she sees this.

  3. Eddie, a woman at my church has been fighting Liver Cancer for a few months now and it has spread to her spleen, kidneys, spine, lungs, and the base of her brain. Chemo doesn't work and the doctors have basically told her to go home and get ready to die. But praise be to God that He is utterly sovereign, even in cancer. And that if He would so have it that she would die from cancer it will be for His glory and our conformity to Christ's image, and will be unspeakable gain for her. I just want to let you know that despite the cancer, her and her husband have been drawn mind-bogglingly close to God through this trial and cling to Him and love Him more now than before. I am praying for your daughter and your family. That you would all be drawn closer to the God of all comfort in the midst of this trial, and that whether the Lord should heal her or call her home, His name will be made great among the nations and in our hearts, to the praise of the glory of His grace.
    Your brother in Christ,
    Jacob Hale


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