Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just for Laughs #28

Come up with a clever spin on this photo. Keep it theological or at least, make the guy in the photo a deacon, pastor, or member of a church somewhere. Make sure it is in English and don't write on your monitor. Don't forget to eat a hearty breakfast and look both ways before crossing the street. Don't get involved in a crime just because some of your "church friends" say all you have to do is keep the car running. Try not to sing to impress the person if front of you at church Sunday and use your parking brake when your auto is on an incline. Take a walk through the park tomorrow and witness to the person who brings you the pizza you ordered. Seriously think about giving to the Salvation Army sometime when it isn't close to Christmas. And don't forget to click on the photo above for a better view.


  1. Having decided that the first time "didn't take," Deacon Leach of Third Church of Christ makes final preparations for, as he describes, "my really, serious Baptism."

  2. Geraldo Rivera's not so great grandfather was beaming with pride after discovering what he had thought to be more of Calvin's hidden stash of Michael Servetus' book "On the Errors of the Trinity."
    However, after opening the capsule live in front of the local media everyone soon discovered that he was actually in possession of Calvin's long lost septic tank.

  3. LUR&B

    LOL w/T
    I can't top that one. Not even going to try.


  4. Dr. Noah Lot, renowned Baptist inventor, has patented a new product that keeps the believer perfectly dry and able to enjoy the experience for up to 10 minutes.

  5. Elder Herman Coors displaying the fermentation tank used to make the communion wine consumed at Saint Vincent's Church of the Vine. When asked for his secret for the world reknown vintage he explained, "I use only Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water."

  6. Deacon Ebenezer Hops claimed to have no choice but to buy this decommissioned bomb and convert it into a fermentation tank. "God ordained that this weapon of war would be used to bring joy to many men at this years Super Bowl party before the foundation of the world." Deacon Hops has since been named as Deacon for Life.


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