Monday, September 21, 2009

Just for Laughs #27

You know what's going on here?
Maybe you could explain it to the rest of us!
Captions should be no longer than the book of Leviticus.
Thank you.


  1. Being fairly new to reformed theology from a long family history of pentecostalism Percy was only lightly admonished by his new brothers and sisters at the Orthodox Presbyterian Church for "getting caught up in the Spirit".

  2. Gunter Togglehammer always impressed the Assembly of the Saints Alive with his "line dancing with angels".

  3. Dancing with the Baptists - director's cut edition

  4. Immediately prior to the exchanging of vows, the best man celebrates the Texas Longhorns' game winning touchdown he secretly heard on his Walkman.

  5. A boring deacons' meeting comes to life when a garter snake slithers up Todd's pant leg.

  6. No one was really sure about calling Mr. Persnickety to be the associate pastor when he tried to get the church board to have a Hokey Pokey break to lighten the mood during tense budget negotiations.


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